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Vehicle On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD2)

OBD2crazy OBD2 to USB converters Welcome to the obd2crazy.com website, dedicated to exploring vehicle computer systems with your PC. What is your car trying to tell you? Users already familiar with our site might want to try the new site index for quick navigation.

OBD2 Information
If you are new to the concept of OBD2, please check our Overview pages to help get you started. Understanding OBD2 is important to everyone, from professional mechanics to everyday drivers. We also have some Frequently Asked Questions on the page.

More advanced users can take advantage of our OBD2 Tech Info pages. We are trying to provide new information regularly, and welcome any user submissions. Our newest topic is Interpreting OBD2 Data, be sure to check it out!

OBD2 Software
Our free wOBD software is an easy and flexible way to explore the data available from your vehicle. We maintain a wOBD mailing list and have online documentation to help you get the most out of the software.

OBD2 Hardware
This section describes the many different types of OBD2 hardware available. From expensive pro tools, to the limited (but easy to use and inexpensive) code readers, to the super flexible OBD2 converters, we try to sort it all out for you.

Thanks for visiting our site, we value your feedback, and we hope you will be as crazy about OBD2 as we are!

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 Aug 12,2006
 wOBD v1.51

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 Jul 03,2004
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 IAT Tweaks

 Jun 16,2004
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 ELM 32x
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 May 15,2004
 wOBD v1.40

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