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NEW beta version available wOBD v1.50 beta

wOBD v1.40
  Download Windows® software for ELM 32x based OBD2 converters. More info on necessary equipment can be found on our OBD2 Hardware page.

  Please direct any support questions, feedback, bug reports, feature requests, comments, etc. regarding wOBD software to:
wobdhuman readable emailobd2crazy.com

Also, please check out our mailing list, intended to help you to get more out of the software.

Version 1.40 updated Saturday, May 15 2004
Online documentation, including screen shots
  • Diagnostics
    • View results of continuous/non-continuous tests
    • Read and reset trouble codes/dash indicator Check Engine (MIL) lamp
    • NEW! Flexible Diagnostic Trouble Code system, import, customize, and export trouble codes
  • Flexible data logging
    • Poll Designer - Arrange, add, delete codes to your specifications. Ability to configure relative polling frequency, (poll some codes more frequently than others) save or print configuration.
    • Poll OBD2 - View min, max, and current values, configurable screen refresh, option to print results.
    • NEW! export data in table form for graphing/spreadsheet apps
  • Advanced User tools
    • wOBD Explorer - For investigating vehicle OBD2 features, this screen allows freeform entry of commands, conversion to decimal or octal, save or print your results.
    • wOBD Scanner - For quickly looking through ranges of modes/pids, discovering specific model data, or looking through alternate processors. Save or print your results.


Please read the following license agreement carefully. By downloading, installing, copying, distributing, or otherwise using this software, you are acknowledging your agreement with the following:
This software is copyrighted. Werner Digital Technology, Inc. is granting a licensed for your use, not granting you the software rights. Werner Digital Technology, Inc. reserves all intellectual property rights, and does not grant anyone the right for any reason to distribute a copy of the software. All distribution of the software should occur solely at our website.
This software is provided as-is; to the extent permitted by law, Werner Digital Technology, Inc. disclaims all express or implied warranties, conditions of merchantability, and/or fitness for a particular purpose. Werner Digital Technology, Inc. does not guarantee support, availability of upgrades, or the continued availability of this version of the software. In no event shall Werner Digital Technology, Inc. be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this software. Werner Digital Technology Inc.'s entire liability under this license shall be limited to the price charged by Werner Digital Technology Inc. for the software.

You will need only one of the following download links:

  • Full Install Zip file containing all necessary .dll and .ocx
    (1.96Mb, MD5 checksum bdc5b871bbeeaebfb175271527822e62 )
    If you are unsure which link to use, this is your link

  • Install /wo VB runtime Zip file full with MSVBVM60.DLL(SP5) excluded
    (789Kb, MD5 checksum 09de138bc09477e1dfa5e4e7fe2bc5a4 )
    If you already have the above .dll, you can avoid the bulk of the download

  • Install /wo support runtimes Zip file executable install only
    (333Kb, MD5 checksum bbb573f7edee88fc8f83a37a656d7f98 )
    Only users with a full Microsoft Visual Basic ® v6.0 SP5 install should consider this option, it assumes all .ocx, .dll, and .tlb files are already installed.

  • wOBD.ZIP executable only
    (93Kb, MD5 checksum 2641694fcf4b026ae091bf6e14a21bdc )
    Upgrade users only, no install, easiest way to run multiple versions. You must know where your old version is installed, and unzip this file into that location.

Version History:
  • v1.40 (general release, May 2004)
    • user interface tweaks, remembering previous configs, etc.
    • added additional support for serial to USB converters
    • data logging
    • save logging raw for future re-import
    • save logging export for use in graphing, spreadsheet software
    • save logging debug
    • new DTC database screen for customization, import/export of codes
    • utility to import data from text files
    • utility to export data using various options into text files
    • version number modified to fit new version control sys
  • v1.03 (general release, December 2003)
    • online help, assorted user interface tweaks
    • new scan screen to help find proprietary 'extended' data
    • added header calculation screen on scanner
    • improved error handling and support of ISO1941 vehicles
    • add a command to start of polling for increased flexibility
    • modified start page
  • v1.02 (first general release, September 2003)
    • implemented poll event scheduling, offset loop feature
    • implemented freeform add code to poll designer
    • removed default packed data mode to provide ELM v1.1 compatibility
    • added save to file and print options for all screens
    • added pull down menus and removed most buttons from screens
    • added check from menu to disable unsupported codes from polling designer
    • added color coding for reporting errors and unmoving values from poll data
  • v1.01 (beta version, August 2003)
    • added poll designer screen
    • added poll data screen
    • expanded check engine screen to include continuous and non-continuous test results
    • implemented packed data mode
  • v1.00 (proof of concept, July 2003)
    • wOBD2 Explorer and start screens to use for developing and testing

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